Food Matters.

Those who know me understand my passion for food, wine, and healthy living. Having worked in the restaurant industry for over 14 years, I have come to know the best parts about it, but also some of the worst. It is not an equal playing field.

I developed a dairy allergy as an adult. And once I started to research what foods contained dairy, the overwhelming thought that I might never eat out again bore a permanent place in my brain. I tend to like control. Not having control of what might be brought to me from the kitchen became an anxiety factor in my life. ┬áThere have been many moments of true pleasure at restaurants that pay attention and do it right as well as a few frightening moments when it wasn’t.

My allergy makes me very sick, for days. If I ingest dairy I immediately start to cough, break out in hives, get agitated, and have a hard time breathing. My joints hurt in day two. I don’t sleep well.

The worst part is I know what I’m missing. I love cheese. I love butter. I can’t have either. This started the idea that my food is constantly being interrupted. It simply stalls if dairy is involved.

About a year ago I started to test recipes for classic dishes to find the closest possible version sans dairy. I’ve had a few successes that I will share on this blog site. As I kept working on recipe variations, I also started to experiment with other common food allergies and substitutions. Not everything worked. I would like to share those failures as well.

On occasion I’ll post about dining out and the restaurants that offer great service and food choices for people with allergies. It’s a combined experience.

I hope you will read along and share your food moments. I love a good story and I especially love a great new recipe.

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